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Girl Gamers Girl Gamers

Rated 1 / 5 stars

Good animation. However, I liked the humor of the first one a little better. I don't usually give negative reviews, but I can't get over how irritatingly smug this comes across at points. The blue sweater girl annoys me. You have a wacky, potentially entertaining situation going on, but all that girl seems to do is point out that the situation is, in fact, quite wacky. If you explain the joke, you ruin it, and that's exactly what she does. She's too underplayed to even work as a straight man. There's no need to insert an audience surrogate just to say "We're so much better than these idiots, am I right, guys?" As I said, it just comes across as irritatingly smug. Just let us laugh at the foibles of the characters and the absurdity of the situation, and let the comedy speak for itself.

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